Lovi Bottle Warmer

Product Description
  • Warmer with automatic thermostat.

    Overheating can damage nutrients in baby?s food. The Lovi baby bottle warmer sets the feed temperature automatically to 36C, keeps it constant and does not overheat. The warmer keeps your baby?s food ready, anytime. Expressed breast milk is best heated in a warmer or in a pan of hot water and should never be heated directly as it loses vital vitamins and minerals if heated on direct flame or microwave.


    • Thermostat sets the food temperature automatically.
    • Calibrated so as to not overheat baby food.
    • Keeps milk ready for your baby anytime, at constant temperature.
    • Heats milk and food evenly.
    • Fits all standard size bottles and food jars.
    • Small, portable.
    • Breast milk is best heated indirectly in a bottle warmer.
    • The warmer keeps your baby?s food ready, anytime.
    • It fits all standard size baby feeding bottles.
    • It comes with a container to heat food.
    • And heat sensitive, color changing spoons.
    • The warmer heats evenly and does not create hot spots like a microwave.
    • BPA Free


    • Controlled heating: Keeps food from overheating & destroying nutrients.
    • Even Heating: Does not create hot spots and heats evenly.
    • A friend in need: Small & portable, it can fit anyplace keeping your baby?s milk bottle when you need it most!
    • Spoon and Jar: Comes with a food jar and temperature sensitive, color changing spoons.

    Technical Details:

    • Material: Cover Bowl: PP, Hot Plate: PCT

    Additional Information: Lovi products are especially designed keeping in mind that the products are an extension of the mother. The dynamic Lovi bottle and teat are designed so a baby can actively suckle in the same way as it does on a mother's breast. These products are a result of outstanding doctor's research in the field of neonatology and pediatrics over years. Exceptional importance is given to safety and mother's feedback while designing new products. Every product has features which are necessary for active parenting. The products are tested rigorously for microwave, dishwasher, physical strength and quality standards. Each product has been carefully labeled with required guidelines for baby's precautions and safety. At Lovi, the safety of your child is of paramount importance to us.


    1x bottle/ food warmer, 1x bowl with cover, 2x heat sensitive color changing spoons.

    MRP: 4499

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Lovi Bottle Warmer