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Date: 13 april 2017

Here’s a fragrance quickie—figure out what the major differences are between an EDT and an EDP - By Parizaad Khan Sethi

Eau de parfum

With concentrated fragrance oils EDPs can make quite an in-your-face statement. EDPs are designed to give up their secrets slowly. You won’t get the full effect of the fragrance on application, but a short while later as they open and bloom on the skin. You’ll notice a definite transition in the fragrance as it evolves from the lighter top notes, moves to the longer-lasting middle notes and finally comes to rest on the full-bodied base notes. This quality is what tends to make EDPs last longer. They’re priced higher because they contain nearly 8% to 15% of fragrance oils, which are a perfume’s most expensive component. The focus of this formulation is longevity, and so the middle and base notes, will be most prominent and longest-lasting. Dot your EDP on pulse points for a night out or for open air events.
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Eau de toilette

This is the lighter version of a scent, with perfume oils at a concentration of 4% to 10%. EDTs often emphasize the fresh top notes of the fragrance, and very often the EDT version of a scent can be quite different from the EDP, as perfumers are aiming for an airier experience. That’s why some EDPs and EDTs don’t smell quite alike—they’re not always composed of the exact same notes. You’ll catch this formulation’s maximum impact at the time of spraying it onto the skin and it lasts anywhere between 3 to 5 hours after application. EDTs are perfect for day wear and office environments where overwhelming scents are best avoided.
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