Best of M·A·C
Date: 05 January 2017

Browsing through the candyland that is M·A·C makes us indecisive, covetuous and just a little dizzy. Luckily, we got a peek into Mickey Contractor and Sonic Sarwate’s makeup kits. The two pros have helped to focus and edit down our shopping list to only about two gazillion items - By Parizaad Khan Sethi

Mickey Contractor,
Director of Makeup Artistry,
M·A·C Cosmetics

I can work on any skin tone when I have these palettes, which each contain four concealers and two skin tone correctors.

It is the perfect formula for me, as it has just the right amount of coverage and is apt for the humid weather conditions in India. It also has shades that I specifically created for Indian skin tones.

I find this a very versatile product that performs well on eyes, cheeks and lips.

This gel eyeliner is a unique formula that becomes waterproof once dry, and therefore very appropriate for movies and brides. Or anyone looking for an eyeliner that won’t budge.

Adding volume and being water resistant are the two main qualities I look for in mascara. In Extreme Dimension mascara has both, and is jet black too.

This pencil is a perfect colour for most Indian skin tones and blends well on brows.

This one is truly my all-time favorite red!

Sonic Sarwate,
Global Senior Artist,
M·A·C Cosmetics

This make-up primer gives a long-lasting hold on makeup, helps hydration as well as oil control, and gives skin a smooth texture.

It adds instant radiance to dull skin, giving a lit-from-within glow.

I’ve found this to be the best foundation to achieve flawless, luminous skin.

This intensely black kohl is great to smudge. or use as a liner.

This brush, one of M.A.C’s most popular, is perfect for blending powder or cream-based eye makeup.

If you’re searching for a neutral lip colour that looks good on everybody, you’ve found it.

This matt bright red looks good on all skin tones.

Put this on for a one-minute makeover, featuring a bold, pink-red lip.

Best of M·A·C