Perfume guide, V-Day edition
Date: 03 feb 2018

If you’re endlessly playing beauty wingman for clueless guys who need help picking the perfect fragrance for their girls, here’s a dummy’s guide to scent gifting - By Parizaad Khan Sethi

Boys, lads and gentlemen of all ages. Allow us to drop some truth bombs here. You probably know this, but we have very diverging opinions on what we want to smell like and what you want us to smell like. Somehow, when we wear the fragrances you gift us, we olfactorily resemble either A. a fruit cake, or B. a Lush store. We love you but your scent gifting game could use some help. It doesn’t need an upgrade as much as a hard reset, and luckily, we’re here to offer tech support.

Ladies, for those of you reading this, help a guy out. You’re sure to have some clueless friends, brothers, fathers and sons who wouldn’t know a tonka bean from a tuberose. Do us all a favour and share this happy-making perfume gift guide with them.

1. For the minimalist
Armani has been shorthand for effortless luxury for decades, and this fragrance is no different. The juice is modern and airy, and though it blends heady ingredients like blackcurrant, rose, jasmine patchouli and amber, it doesn’t feel weighed down by them. It’s for a girl who likes her lines clean and her jewelry minimal.
2. The traditionalist
Modern Muse is a bouquet that will call out to the girl who loves the scent of temple flowers. That might seem quite a specific olfactory category, but since tuberose, lily, jasmine sambac and patchouli make up the heart of this divine floral, the comparison is inevitable. So, get this for the girl who perfectly balances the traditional with the modern.
3. For the Choo-obsessed
This fragrance was made for good girls who are in regular contact with their bad side. Voluptuous florals like jasmine and tuberose flirt with rich, deep ingredients like tonka beans and cocoa. And if the seriously mouthwatering juice wasn’t convincing enough, the stiletto-shaped bottle was made to be displayed on a fashion girl’s dresser.
4. For the avant-garde
There’s nothing traditional about this fragrance or its flacon. A product from the house of Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake, the bottle is a playful take on the visionary creator’s love for pleats. The notes of pear, peony and indole—an ingredient which signifies the cycle of birth and death in perfumery—will catch the attention of the girl whose fashion mood board is full of Margiela.
5. For the sophisticate
The girl who likes to spend her days watching Fellini and follows that up with nights in Jazz-age speakeasies will fall hard for this juice. A heady, enveloping musk that’s topped with gardenia and rose, and supported by white and black cedar, this is the perfect match for a woman of the world who enjoys every one of life’s earthly pleasures.
6. For the stand-out
What if your girl is like no other and fits into no box that you can imagine? She stands apart and distinct from the crowd, plays to the beat of her own drum and travels through life following her inner compass. Give all those women the gift of this unique (and uniquely named) scent bursting with notes of jasmine, amber and cashmeran wood. Its silage and staying power are the stuff of legend, and it’s one of a kind, like the women who wear it.
Perfume guide, V-Day edition