MCaffeine Choco Caffeine Glow Face Mask for Oily/Normal Skin with Argan Oil and Vitamin E - Clay Based(50ml)

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    For when the skin gets tired and feels worn out, all you need is to be luxuriously pampered to revive your lost glow! MCaffeine?s Choco Caffeine Glow Face Mask is the PURE, BLISSFUL INDULGENCE you deserve. Feast your senses and surrender to the enticing spa-like treatment that leaves you with youthful radiance and others, wanting more. With the goodness of RICH COCOA POWDER, this mask keeps your skin healthy and glowing. Cocoa powder is enriched with Omega 6 Fatty acids, antioxidants, magnesium and Vitamin C that not only repair and rejuvenate your skin but also increase blood flow, heal scars, hydrate and exfoliate skin, and act as a natural sunscreen. CAFFEINE fights premature aging of the skin, prevents puffiness and energizes the skin. ARGAN OIL AND VITAMIN E in the mask nourish and moisturize your skin for that healthy blush. With a mood lifting chocolatey aroma, MCaffeine Choco Caffeine Glow Face Mask is a deeply comforting, guilt-free choco fix for your skin. Use it twice a week for a gorgeous, irresistible you!

    Cocoa ? A heavenly gift for the skin

    Caffeine ? An elixir for skin

    Argan Oil & Vit E ? Natural Nourishment for skin

    Be it your favorite chocolate bar or your favorite chocolate cake, Cocoa has been the most crucial ingredient of your beloved guilty pleasures! It makes your heart happy. But did you know that Cocoa makes your skin happy too? It is a powerful antioxidant and improve skin?s overall health. It reduces skin roughness, scaling and keeps skin clear and hydrated. Cocoa is also known to heal of wounds and lightening scars on the skin. With these multifold benefits, cocoa is definitely a heavenly gift for the skin. Caffeine is one of the richest sources of anti-oxidants that fights free radicals and prevents premature ageing of the skin. Another major benefit of caffeine is its ability to protect skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun and act as an effective shield against sun damage. It also stimulates blood flow, which in turn helps in collagen production that helps in the maintenance of skin and hair health. With its anti-inflammatory properties, Caffeine fights puffiness, gives you an even skin tone and soothes the skin. Caffeine, truly, is an elixir that does you good inside and out. Also known as ?Liquid Gold, this exotic oil works wonders on your skin and hair, giving you rich nourishment and a healthy glow. With beneficial fatty acids, Argan Oil acts as an excellent moisturizer and nourisher for the skin. It also has anti-oxidant properties, which make for a very effective anti-aging agent. Vitamin E rejuvenates skin, improving the skin elasticity, and making it supple and soft. It is an excellent cleansing agent and purifies the skin from deep within while maintaining the skin?s oil balance.

    Give your self a Rich Cocoa indulgence

    With skin loving ingredients like Cocoa, Caffeine, Argan Oil and Vitamin E, MCaffeine Choco Caffeine Glow Face Mask gives your skin a DELICIOUS NOURISHMENT. With a choco mask so good, we promise nothing but HEALTHY GLOW, RADIANT and EVEN TONED SKIN, FRESHNESS and the TEMPTING AROMA of freshly baked brownies. *Clay Based Mask for Oily/Normal Skin

    How to Use Choco Caffeine Mask?

    Cleanse your face thoroughly with warm water to open pores and remove any dirt on your skin. Take a generous quantity of the Choco Caffeine Mask and apply it evenly all over your face, avoiding any contact with eyes. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, until it does its magic and dries. Rinse off thoroughly with cold water to close the pores and clean the face. Pat dry and follow it with the application of a light cream or face gel to hydrate your skin. Use it twice a week to glow on.

    Describe your products in three words.
    Unique | Natural | Honest
    How did you come up with the idea for this product?
    Caffeine has been in news and research for a long time for the plethora of benefits it holds. It was about time the Indian Consumers fully experienced the true benefits of caffeine. With coffee being an integral part of our day to day lives, we wanted to introduce the most loved ingredient into the most significant part of our life ? Skin and Hair care. But we didn?t want to add just another brand in an already cluttered industry. We had one motto ? to give India a purposeful brand. We wanted to create a socially conscientious brand that not only is true with its products but also respects differences of the color. In a society burdened by the pressure of the shade card, we believe and promote Confidence Over Color.
    What makes your product special?
    MCaffeine is a promise of honesty. All our products are a result of extensive research and advanced technology. With Caffeine at the heart, every product is a unique blend of selected ingredients to fulfill the promise of complete skin and hair care. Caffeine, the main ingredient, is a true superfood for the skin and hair with its benefits being multifold. Each combination is carefully curated to enhance and bring out the best properties that promote healthy and confident living. All our products are paraben free, making them 100% safe for use. And they?re cruelty-free as none of them are tested on animals, making them ethically guilt free for use.
    What has been the best part of your experience?
    The best part of our journey is when our motto and beliefs truly resonated with our customers. When we first launched our products, we?d be lying if we said we weren?t scared. But our unique blends were welcomed with so much enthusiasm and appreciated by all, which made the whole journey a truly pleasant and a wonderful experience.

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MCaffeine Choco Caffeine Glow Face Mask for Oily/Normal Skin with Argan Oil and Vitamin E - Clay Based
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