Medela Pump & Save Breastmilk Bags

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Product Description
  • Use Medela Pump & Save storage bags to save time, minimise pouring and build up a reserve of breast milk. They are easy to use just pump directly into the Medela Pump & Save bag, label it and pop it in your fridge or freezer. The exclusive self-adhesive strap allows you to pump breast milk directly into the breast milk storage bag. The double-walled bags have a leak-proof zip closure, ensuring safe long-term storage. Thanks to the air and moisture barriers, your breast milk's beneficial properties are retained. The area for labeling and dating the bags makes it easy to keep track of your stock of milk.

    • Easy, zero-waste milk collection pump milk directly into the Medela bags
    • Requires less storage space than conventional bottles
    • Safe long-term storage without the loss of vitamins and nutrients
    • Easy labelling and dating lets you keep track of your stock of breast milk
    • Safe materials for you and your baby

    Includes: 20 Bags.

    Additional Information: Medela was founded in 1961 by Olle Larsson and is headquartered in Switzerland. Medela is now a global player in breastfeeding products; all this thanks to continued research, innovation and the evaluation of customers' needs. They promote breastfeeding for mums for bettering the health of both mother and child. Medela offers a variety of breastfeeding products to meet every mom'ss needs. They offer a wide range of breastfeeding accessories and spare parts that support and enhance the breastfeeding experience.

    MRP: 1999

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Medela Pump & Save Breastmilk Bags
10% off