PROMEN Lip-Lightener

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Product Description

    The primary purpose of this lip lightener is to lighten lip darkening and help restore your nice natural lip tone. First of its kind product in India to lighten nicotine/ tobacco stained lips (Patent Pending), you get visible results within 4-6 weeks of regular application. As men we do not pay much attention to lip care. Several of us still hold a mistaken belief that frequent licking of lips is sufficient to moisturize and protect them, little realizing that this leads to additional damage.

    Lip-care becomes even more important for a smoker or a tobacco user. The cigarette smoke is packed with free radicals which damage the thin lip skin tissues and cells. Finally there is a solution.

    The Revolutionary PROMEN Lip Lightener has a Dual Action :

    1) It Lightens Lips darkened by smoking

    2) Protects the Lips from further damage, while leaving a pleasant minty flavor in the mouth.

    Its unique stainless steel roller ball applicator ensures that hygiene is maintained, there is no wastage and you get more than 600 applications thereby making it extremely inexpensive.

    Features and Benefits

    • Lightens dark pigmented lips
    • Protects lips from further damage
    • Removes/peels dead skin cells
    • Provides extreme miniaturization without greasy feel while healing dry chapped lips
    • Seals lip moisture and makes your lips soft and supple


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PROMEN Lip-Lightener
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