MightyX Gold Whey Protein Chocolate Powder

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  • MightyX Gold Whey Protein is a great tasting high quality, non-fat protein blend is an ideal way to meet your protein requirement throughout the day. It provides a full 25g of protein per serving, plus essential nutrients to assist with your fitness goals, to help satisfy hunger and give you lasting energy. Loaded with 24 Vitamins and Minerals & All amino acids as well as protective antioxidants. It has test quality Whey Process with high protein efficiency ratio and high biological value. It promotes Lean Muscle Gain & provides strength and energy during workouts. It promotes Fat loss by release of glucagon & inhibiting insulin release. It also enhances immune system and boosts muscle growth by stimulating maximum protein synthesis. Encourages bone growth and helps to prevent Osteoporosis. It helps lower cholesterol & triglycerides.


    • 25 gm of Premium Protein per Serving (50Gm Serving Size) in MightyX Gold whey Protein helps in gaining lean muscles and speeds up muscle recovery

    • 5 gm BCAA to increase your energy level during workouts

    • 3.5 gm Glutamine reduces the loss of muscle tissue and enhance the growth of muscles

    • MightyX Gold whey Protein comes with added digestive enzymes which helps easier and faster digestion

    • Enhances immune system and muscle growth by stimulating maximum protein synthesis

    • Promotes fat loss by release of glucagon and inhibiting insulin release with lower cholesterol and triglycerides

    • Available in tasty Chocolate Flavour

    MRP: 2099

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