Dove Baby Rash Cream Rich Moisture (45gm)(45gm)

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  • Diaper rash can develop quickly no matter how careful you are, so you want the best diaper rash cream to soothe and leaves your baby's bottom soft and comforted. That's why we created our Rich Moisture Baby Rash Cream with two forms of zinc oxide. Neutralizing pH faster than other brands, it immediately forms a protective layer to shield your baby's delicate skin from redness and irritation. Specially formulated to spread and easy to wipe off, this Baby Dove baby diaper rash cream helps you out at home, or with on-the-go changes. Hypoallergenic and suitable for daily use, this diaper rash cream is developed with your baby's beautiful skin in mind. And it's dermatologist and pediatrician tested too, so you know you're giving your baby's skin effective protection from redness and irritation. Buy Now!

    Features & Benefits:

    • Baby Dove Baby Rash Cream Rich Moisture is hypoallergenic
    • Dermatologist and pediatrician tested
    • Neutralizes pH in seconds and protects against redness and irritation
    • Developed for delicate skin, for immediate comfort from first use
    • Specially formulated to spread and wipe off easily
    • Suitable for newborn skin

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Dove Baby Rash Cream Rich Moisture (45gm)