FARLIN Stretchy Anti Colic Fur Preventing Nipple(Standard Neck) (0 Month)

GST Benefit Included
Product Description
  • One of the most exciting experience in parents? life is to see their baby growing up. At times, it can be difficult for your baby to make the transition from breast-milk to semi-solid items. Finding the perfect nipple for your baby's feeding bottle can be tricky. The Farlin Stretchy Anti-colic Fur Preventing Nipple (Standard Neck) is designed to mimic mother's nipple, so your baby is at ease.

    • Lengthened air valve on base allows for constant flow of liquid and less ingestion of air, so prevents colic.

    • Specially designed to reduce the fur.

    • Strengthened circle on top for more durable hole.

    Farlin has established renowned reputation since 1972. Much adored by mothers all over the world, Farlin sells full range of baby accessories, baby garments, baby carriage, baby playthings etc, which provide various choices as well as kind service manner to satisfy your needs. Farlin has an age-old dedication to make your and your baby's life easy and safe.

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