Omved Baby's First Pillow(1kg)

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    • For newborn and tender young babies, this unique pillow conforms to head shape, allows air circulation and helps prevent flat head syndrome.
    • The Omved Baby Mustard Pillow prevents flat head syndrome (Plagiocephaly) by evenly distributing pressure around baby's delicate head whilst offering comfort to the baby.
    • Mustard seeds have been used traditionally to help increase blood circulation, reduce ear infections, calm colic and soothe the sinuses.
    • They are a constant source of bio-energy. The baby will wake up rested, full of vitality and less prone to illnesses.

    Key Features:

    • A baby's skull takes approx 12 to 18 months to harden.
    • During this time it is important to protect the baby's head from any repeated pressure building up on one area of the head that can lead to flattening.
    • Vedic traditions used mustard bags to support the child's head.
    • This unique pillow has been created specially for newborn and young babies to help prevent and effectively treat flat head syndrome.
    • This is a common medical condition also known as Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly or Scaphocephaly.
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