MondSuB Fruit Mask Series Natural Extract 6 in 1 (Pack of 6)(20gm Each)

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  • Pamper your beautiful skin with Mond'Sub One Week Mask Series 6 in 1 (Pack of 6), which includes 6 types of Masks to keep your skin fresh and radiant for a week. A perfect radiant kick-start to your facial week, which gives your skin a vibrant sheen. Ginseng + Collagen Facial Mask, Seaweed+ Hyaluronic Acid Facial Mask, Witch Hazel+lavender+Q10 Facial Mask, Tea Tree+ Peptide Facial Mask, Pomegranate+ Sheep Placenta Facial Mask and Aloe Vera+ EGF Facial Mask that promotes healthy cell growth, which shortens the skin cell renewal process transforming aged skin cells into youthful, vibrant skin cells.

    • It improves skin elasticity and firmness leaving it well moisturized.

    • Gives you a super-hydrating effect, locking moisture into the skin.

    • Purifies pores of the skin it helps to avoid pimples & acne caused by pore inflammation.

    • Balances oil secretion and repair skin problems recovering from the stress.

    • Gives you an instant facial in 20 minutes.

    • Evens out your skin tone, leaving it looking bright and radiant.

    Additional Information: Mond'Sub brings to you a variety of dermatologically tested facial masks with its Whitening, Moisturizing and Soothing versions that have a special 3d effect making them perfectly fit like a second skin and providing you with optimum hydration to skin glowing it. They contain special ingredients that renew dead cells and fill wrinkles giving you a firm skin. Relax and enjoy your new, revitalised complexion with Mond'Sub One Week Mask Series 6 in 1 (Pack of 6).

    MRP: 1500

    Expiry Date: 15th June 2020

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MondSuB Fruit Mask Series Natural Extract 6 in 1 (Pack of 6)
45% off