Morpheme Remedies Bacopa (Brahmi) Capsules for Mental Alertness - 500mg Extract(60 Capsules)

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  • Brahmi is a rejuvenating herb for brain cells and nerves. Morpheme Brahmi Capsules contains the pure extract of the herb and is effective in boosting memory, calming aggressive moods and relieves your stress. Brahmi is a perennial creeping herb which is most commonly known as water hyssop. The botanical name of this herb is Bacopa monnieri. This wonder botanical is world famous for its effectiveness in boosting up human memory and promoting the alertness of our mind. The chief attributes of Brahmi are rejuvenation, tranquilizer, memory enhancer, anti-ageing, intelligence longevity.

    Benefits :

    • Memory Booster : Brahmi is best known as anti-aging herb. It is called so due to its quality of boosting memory and keeping the mind young forever. It increase protein movement in brain cells and improves memory. It rejuvenates your brain through its natural compounds and Helps in better memory. Brahmi supplements are also very effective for controling concentration level. Regardless of age, Brahmi Helps you improve long term and short term memory.
    • As a Tranquilizer and Stress Reliever : It not only boost you memory brain but is also very effective for soothing the mind. In Ayurvedic medicine, Brahmi is considered as brain and nervine tonic. Its compounds are responsible for relaxation process and heighten your brain memory. A Brahmi supplement is really helpful in mind related disorders such as insomnia, hysteria, restlessness, hypertension, stress, depression and behavioural disorders arising due to nervous system. It soothes your mind and gives you lightening effect from stressed mind. Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Insanity, Stress, Hypertension and mental retardation are few disorders that can be help of Brahmi.

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Morpheme Remedies Bacopa (Brahmi) Capsules for Mental Alertness - 500mg Extract
16% off