If you’re a sucker for anything girly, this bubble-gum inspired range is exactly what your pinkies need. Be warned, you’ll float away to pastel heaven not once or twice, but eight times over. Presenting, the candy-toned collection that’ll soon have you drooling: from pretty purple to cool blue, mellow yellow and even pale pink.
This surreal shade has us even more in love with lilac, as if that’s even possible. Just one coat and your tips instantly transform into a mysterious mix of lavender and mauve. Don this to an evening soiree or lunch with the ladies. We’re sold.
Blue can make a bold statement even in pastels. Don’t believe us? Just swipe on this magical hue and watch your pinkies instantly mimic the cool clear sky on a hot sunny day. Feelin’ the blues never felt this wonderful.
As pristine as the sleeping sea, this tint of blue adds a pop of color to even the dullest days. Feminine yet classy, it’s absolutely everything we adore. Another plus - it’s touted to be the perfect accessory.
As bright as a bee this mangolicious shade looks absolutely delectable. So, instead of gobbling down the gooey-goodness and counting calories just apply the fruit-like hue on your fingertips for a sugary-sweet escapade.
What’s the quickest way to a great day? A pina-colada, of course. But if you, like the most of us don’t really care for alcohol, this is the next best thing. As appealing as yellow frosted cream, this shade complements all skin tones.
Just like a peach this muted concoction of pale orange and coral looks delicious enough to eat. Give your pinkies an instant makeover as you indulge in this sweet, pale orange fantasy.
As bright as a popsicle this gorgeous tinge is anything but boring. Cotton candy meets bubble gum pink to unravel a perfect blend of cheekiness and sass. Don’t forget, team it up with a 32 giga-watt smile.
If an Island trip has been on your mind for quite some time, but you haven’t been able to step out just yet, this cool lively green will soon be your BFF. Feel the cool breeze on your face as you daydream with this fresh minty green nail do’.