Nicka K Contour Kit

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  • Sleek Contouring kit for all makeup lovers! For a more sculpted look, NICKA K Contour Kit introduces lovely bronzers and highlighters that allow for a more natural yet refined chiseled look.The highlighters offer an illuminating effect that not only brightens your entire face but makes your eyes appear larger. The bronzers help to create a more defined, angled contouring look helping to achieve the appearance of higher cheekbones, brighter eyes and smaller forehead. The NICKA K Contour Kit will help to achieve a desired runway look everyday naturally drawing attention away from any imperfections.

    • Highly pigmented and easily blendable.
    • Smooth, silky powdery texture.
    • Helps contour and highlight your face easily.
    • Includes a small brush along with the kit.

    Additional Information : Founded in 1995, Nicka K New York brings to you professional quality makeup, created by the experts at the most affordable prices. Discover a wide range of Nicka K cosmetics, skincare products, fragrances, styling tools and accessories that allow you to create various innovative makeup looks and lets you explore trendy and beautiful makeup looks every day!

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