NutroActive Lipolyzer Meal Replacement Low Carb Shake For Weight Loss(500gm)

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  • Lipolyzer Low Carb Shake is a readymade formula specially designed to lose weight. It provides 37 different nutrients including ""LIPOTROPIC AGENTS AND HEALTHY FAT MCT"". Replace any meal with Lipolyzer Low Carb Shake preferably dinner to start losing weight. You may replace upto 2 meals a day. Replacing meal with readymade formulation is completely safe and is in use from the past 75 years. Readymade formulas are also used by astronauts for long survival in space.

    • Low Carbohydrate Shake for Weight Loss
    • Free 15 days Diet Plan to Lose Weight Rapidly
    • Replace Dinner with Lipolyzer Low Carb Shake for best results

    Additional Information: NutroActive is an Indian Brand that provides high quality nutritional dietary supplements along with a balanced diet plan support to everyone aiming for a healthy well-being along with an active lifestyle. All their products are scientifically designed with high quality ingredients, tested and have no side-effects. NutroActive Lipolyzer Tummy Tablets (30), Fat Burner, Fat Loss, Weight Loss Supplements, weight loss products are an ideal choice for result specific weight loss treatment.

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NutroActive Lipolyzer Meal Replacement Low Carb Shake For Weight Loss
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