Nyassa Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil

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  • Jojoba oil is great oil for individuals with sensitive skin. It's very light oil that does not cause a greasy feeling. It spreads well on the skin and is absorbed well. It acts as an Antioxidant thereby protecting body tissue from damage. Jojoba oil is rich in vitamins E and B complex as well as several minerals. Because it's chemically similar to the skin's natural oil, jojoba oil is ideal for skin care. To moisturize chapped lips, dip your finger in pure jojoba oil and dab the oil onto your lips. Jojoba oil is good for all types of hair especially hair that is dry or damaged, has split ends and is prone to breakage and tangling. Nyassa's pure Jojoba oil is unscented. Can add few drops of your favorite Nyassa essential oil or fragrance oil.

    Additional Information: Nyassa creates unique bath and body products from the finest of natural ingredients, to blend that with some of the most exotic fragrances, they offer a wide range of diverse products, to constantly innovate and diligently research, to understand the myriad ways in which hundreds of nutritious and efficacious natural ingredients work, to learn and to apply that knowledge on how it works on various skin types, to intelligently differentiate the appropriate ingredients of a face cream from that of a face wash, and hence formulate each, to keep up to the ever changing expectations of the consumers, delivering value and changing ordinary everyday experiences.

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Nyassa Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil
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