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  • Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel Collection

    Want high impact color and super-shine? The Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel collection is a superior nail lacquer with light reflecting pigments that deliver intense, long lasting color. Perfect for times when you DO want super shiny nails that last longer than regular polishes.

    The ultimate collection for the sophisticated, girlie girl! The Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel Collection makes you want to reach for delicate macaroons and swirly cupcakes. It's like wearing a bouquet of fresh spring flowers on your tips; your pinkies never looked more inviting!

    Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel Collection includes :

    Marsala Chai (Shade No. 1) - Wafting steams of Marsala chai goodness tempt you to umbre heaven. Fall head over heels in love with nails that speak of earthy browns with our Marsala Chai babe.

    Rose Sherbet (Shade No. 21) : Are you a busy bee or a hammock lover? Whatever be your disposition, there is always a pink to add to your name. Rose marries the humble subtleties of sherbet giving your nails the perfect pink treat!

    Cotton Candy (Shade No. 22) : Fluffy clouds of melt-in-your-mouth goodness, you'd adore our Cotton Candy pink. Teleporting your nails to an era of masquerades and carnivals, the pink lady awaits.

    Bubble Yum (Shade No. 23) - Pop! Float your way into a vivacious pink haven and let your nails sigh in delight. Welcome to Bubble Yum land, where summers are forever!

    Strawberries n Cream (Shade No. 43) : Just the vibrant, punchy coral you need to bring out your girlie side. Whether it's the work place or a pool party pack a chic, chorally knockout with this stunning it shade. You'll be the summertime darling with this positively illuminating coral lacquer.

    Creme Brulee (Shade No. 44) - The moreish Creme Brulee awaits you patiently. Dip your nails in a classic shade of nude that reflects tranquil charm. Tame, modern and strong, spell pretty with this neutral nail wonder.

    Melon Parfait (Shade No. 45) : Subtract the loud. Add the subtle. Coat your nails with petit beige, neutral and suave in its understated grace. Fresh, clean and modish, take a bow, twirl the wand.

    Blueberry muffin (Shade No. 61) : Jazz up your blues! Get your beauty arsenal pumped up with the true blue love of Blueberry Muffin. Bid farewell to dreary days as you spunk up some blue cool.

    Hasta La Pista (Shade No. 64) : Lazy evenings, divans and scores of kebabs call for the minty mintness of Hasta La Pista. Soothing mint pastels dance on your pinkies to add a touch of elegance.

    Mint Meringue (Shade No. 65) : We like our mojitos zinging and our nails tart. Enter: Mint Meringue, your mint shade soulmate for golden days. Playing it cool, this mint dearie won't let you down.

    Violet Macroon (Shade No. 81) : The French heart their macaroons and so do we. The creamy grey hue of the Violet Macaroon can battle those ghouls of drab mornings. This winter, go graciously grey!

    Lychee Delight (Shade No. 82) : The sweet, supple and lush goodness of tiny lychees whirl up some magical grey in our Lychee Delight. Translucent, brave and effusive, who says grey is boring?

    Marshmallow Dream (Shade No. 83) : Fleecy pillows of marshmallowy happiness, don't your nails deserve some creamy love? Paint them white in reminiscence of our beloved smores' dreams.

    Peach Souffle (Shade No. 12) : Watch the oven, as the crown rises to unprecedented glory. Feel the voluptuous sin of our Peach Souffle, as you dive into summer. Strut down the avenue with flowers in your hair and pair it up with a happy smile.

    Peppermint-ini (Shade No. 60) : Bring in the chills with the cutest blue in town. Let your nails sing icy glories of our Peppermint-ini. Summer marches in with clear blue sky and gay clouds, warming your heart with tunes of happy tomorrows.

    So Teal-icious (Shade No. 68) : Sexy comes in a new colour. Remember to wear your favourite beach dress, carry that stash of books and head straight to the beach sporting our Teal-icious for perfect company. Go solo and go strong

    Pomegran - ita (Shade No. 47) : Pregnant mauve crystals that drip wine coloured juices as you plop them into your mouth; the love of the pomegranate is true and wild. Paint your nails with our Pomegrani-ta, run away to a beach town and laze around in the golden sand.

    Lemon Pudding (Shade No. 48) : Break into the crust to allow gooey, golden sunshine to flow through. Coat your nails with the love of our Lemon Pudding and get your days aglow. Hug the sun, tip your cane hat and let the yellow do the talking.

    Orange Fizz (Shade No. 40) : Swim trunks out, trench coats in, ladies! Pop and shine with our Orange Fizz that spells summer on your nails. Marmalade moments await sun-kissed days. Get that suitcase out! It's time to move on!

    Baked Cheesecake (Shade No. 85) -Dusky crumbs of molten goodness grace your lips as the sour tang of a cheesecake invades your mouth. Amp it up higher with our goody-too-shoes Baked Cheesecake that adorns your nails with its shy elegance.

    Blackcurrant Gelato (Shade No. 72) : A scoop of divinity please? Slurp your way this summer as our Blackcurrant gelato makes love to your pinkies. Get in your girls, put on those aviators, ace that mascara and sing the glories of summer.

    Sugar Frosting (Shade No. 20) : Allow your nails to do the talking. And what better style mate than our Sugar Frosting, which walks the perfect walk with a pink that melts hearts. Sign up for some extra cuddles when you adorn this one.

    Blue Lime Slush (Shade No. 66) : Don't drive away the blues, just slurp them out aloud. Our Blue Lime Slush has just the right amount of cool to have you covered for days you want to act like the Dalai Lama under cover. Or you could even bag an Oscar!

    Lilac Cupcake (Shade No. 73) : Dainty, purple frosting on a gorgeous, plump, vanilla sponge, did we just here you sigh with pleasure? We can almost see you licking your fingers and sporting our Lilac Cupcake in all its pastel benevolence.

    Lavender Drizzle (Shade No. 71) : Lush fields of purple welcome you. Lavender showers its wholesome grace as you slather your nails with our Lavender Drizzle. Hushed lilac tones call unto your spirit and woo it right while summer sings a merry song.

    Serenity (Shade No. 69) : Magic lies in the swirls of a sky-hued blue. Trees whisper and rivers sing and you dip your pinkies into our Serenity. Here's to clear sunny days, puffy white clouds and working your charm,bright and loud.

    Rose Quartz (Shade No. 27) : A soft, sweet lullaby that seeps with the lightest of rose hues, allow yourself to be loved. Let your nails narrate pink tales and romance. Sign off with your heart brimming with pleasant pastel dreams and cotton candy sweetness.

    Sesame Sundae (Shade No. 80) : Beat the heat with a large scoop of double choco-chip gelato. Or you could simply dip your nails in our Sesame Sunday and teleport yourself on a blue lagoon, with aqua waves licking the soles of your feet.

    What it does :

    The exclusive high-reflection nail polish formula guarantees one stroke, high gloss, gel-like perfection. The patented two-fold plasticizer prevents chipping. Contains a UV filter to prevent discoloration and yellowing. Smooth and gorgeous coverage in a single coat, stunning, plumping effect in two coats! Now love your nails with vibrant, fashion forward colors that last and last.

    What is it formulated WITHOUT :

    The Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel Collection is FIVE FREE.The Nykaa Pastel Nail Enamel Collection is NOT tested on animals and contains no animal-derived ingredients.

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