Q: 7 ways you can cure your acne !!!

1-Applying oil -It’s a false belief that oily or acne prone skin should avoid oil ,your acne might be developing bcoz you are not giving your skin enough moisture from the outside bcoz of which it is producing excess oil that leads to acne.Apply a good facial oil like Jojoba every night to see major differences in your breakouts. 

2-Dermatologist-The cause for your acne may be something else that you can not identify .If they don’t go after several tries ,time to visit a dermatologist. 

3-Gynaecologist-PCOD/PCOS are very common in women ,so if your acne doesn’t go after visiting a dermatologist make sure to get your check up done and treat it properly.

4-Clay Masking -Clay Mask can absorb all the excess oil from skin.Use it once or twice a week regularly. 

5-Healthy Eating-A healthy lifestyle is a key to good skin. 

6-Minimal washing -Try to skin morning cleansing as many people see a drastic change on their skin when they skip washing their face in morning.Simply by splashing water in the morning gets rid if excess oil. 

7-Chemical Exfoliation - Salicylic acid helps to break down all the excess oil from your skin ,so using it regularly will decrease your breakouts.

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