7 ways you can treat your dead and damaged hair.

How to treat damaged hair caused by heat, chemical treatments and hair colours.

1-Use Moisturising Shampoo- When your hair is damaged avoid drying shampoos , as they make your hair more dry and frizzy. Use any shampoo that is cream based, as it will clean your without drying. 

2-Avoid Hard Water-Hard water is the hidden culprit to make your hair damaged and dry. Check your water and if it’s hard water do ACV rinses to curb the damage. 

3-Leave in Conditioner-Serums after washing sometime can not be enough so switch to leave in hair conditioners as they are more thick and creamy which will moisturise and tam your hair. 

4-Eliminate Heat-Your hair is already too damaged so do not heat style them again to make the texture even bad. Wear a scarf or hat before heading out in the sun and limit or avoid heating tools. 

5-Mask Regularly-Hair mask are rich in moisturising   properties , which will benefit your hair extremely. Apply a thick layer of it all over your hair strands and let it sit few hours or as instructed on packaging. If you don’t have mask simply apply yogurt. 

6-Wooden Comb - Plastic combs causes static in your hair which can cause dryness so switch to wooden combs. 

7-Avoid Tight hair styles- Creating tight hair styles lead to further breakage and damage. Keep your hair loose and wear simple hair styles.

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