A guide on how to choose your skin care products ?

A guide to choose your skin care products correctly ? 

1- Know your skin type - knowing your skin type is the most primary point in selecting a skin care item. If you don’t know your skin type properly u will always end up waisting your money on products not meant for you. 

2-Know what to avoid-If you have oily skin avoid shea butter , coco butter , coconut oil or any other heavy fats. If you have dry , frizzy hair avoid high level of alcohol or fragrance. If you have Sensitive skin avoid alcohol and essential oils. 

3-Know what to select- If you have oily skin choose salicylic acid, aloe vera, gel based products. If you have dry choose faty ingredients like shea butter, coco butter , oils etc. If you have sensitive skin choose calming ingredients like rose water or aloe gel. 

4-Don’t fall for hype - Just bcoz a particular product has worked for everyone that doesn’t mean it will for you too, as skin care is very subjective topic. Know your skin , do your research then try small variant  to test the efficiency of a product on your skin. 

5-Look for reviews-look for the reviews for a particular product u are thinking to buy. Emphasise more the review that comes from the person who has similar skin to yours. 

6-Don’t be quick to judge- Skin care takes a long time to show results , so don’t ditch the product within few usage. use it consistently and then come to an opinion.

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