A Healthy Diet plan for Hair Fall.

Hi Girls , Today’s post is kind of unique and a healthy one, Hope you all like it♥️


Hairfall is one of the biggest problems we all are facing today for which yesterday I posted two remedies and today I will be sharing a diet plan with you all for hair fall as one of the major reason of hair loss is poor nutrition. There was a time when I was suffering from severe Hairfall and I followed this diet plan ,this gave such wonderful results.

Early morning - one glass of amla carrot juice (4 medium carrots and 4 amla) 

After one hour - 3 boiled eggs with a cup of green tea , if you are vegetarian you can have sweet potatoes (either boil or grill)

Lunch -1 cup of green tea and one roti with one portion of palak paneer with small bowl of plain yogurt.

Evening - one glass of orange carrot juice

Dinner- have a bowl of oats with a cup of green tea 

Now m sharing you with benefits of the diet:-

Amla helps in blood purification and improves blood circulation which will help in breakage of hair and hairfall, the egg yolk helps in promoting scalp and fights with dandruff and will help in bringing shine too.Sweet potato helps in hair cell growth. Spinach have vitamin c , vitamin e which helps in hair growth and yogurt contains hair building protein, oats contains calcium, iron , zinc which helps in hair growth.

Follow this diet for 7 days with any one remedy that I posted yesterday and you will see an excellent result.

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