Allsuth Lotion (Calamine ,Aloe vera Gel )

 The solution to your almost every problem! 

For every skin type :

This lotion is really to calm down all your bumps/white pimples post any reaction (allergy,waxing,lasers,threading,epilating)

It really makes your skin to a shade lighter! (Even thou its temporary but It really makes for few hours )

It really shrink your pores upto an extent!

Now for oily skin beauties It is a holy grail product ! Because Trust me if you are like really oily one this is the perfect moisturizer for your skin! It gives a mattifying look with a little bit glow! No side effects whatsoever!

For dry/normal skin - Please dont use this as a moisturizer because it really mattifies the skin but yoy can use it the way I mentioned above ! 

And it is only for 175 bucks ! 

Sorry It is not available on nykaa !  

But you can get it easily from your nearby medical stores ! 


For Oily skin 

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