Q: Am i allergic to lavender oil?

I have used 3 essential oils since the past month. The first time i used them was for hair. I mixed 3 drops each of lavender+rosemary+peppermint into a mix of 1tsp each of coconut oil+castor oil

I got a major cold the next day and also lightheadedness and breathlessness. i thought maybe peppermint oil had to do something with it or maybe it was just an overdose of essential oils. So the next time i oiled my hair i used 2 drops each of lavender oil and rosemary oil and i still got a cold.

Unable to recognise what the trouble was i used all the oils separately on separate days mixed with same coconut and castor oil mixture and i found i get cold whenever i use lavender oil.

The night before i tried 1 drop of lavender oil in my serum for the face and i got a high fever the same night. But no physical rash or allergic reaction is visible. Is it possible that it is perhaps too strong for me? Kindly help. Should i stop using lavender oil altogether?

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