Q: Benefits of Rice water for Skin and Hair

Method to get the rice water:

While boiling rice, add in more water than required. When the rice is cooked, strain the excess water into a tumbler and let it cool. Allow it to ferment overnight as it gets richer in antioxidants, minerals, vitamin E. 

Uses for hair:

Rice water has inositol, a carbohydrate that can repair damaged hair. It can strengthen the roots, make it smooth and silky. It also controls hair fall to a certain extent.
How to use it:

  • You can add few drops of essential oils like rosemary, lavender or tea tree oil for extra benefits to the rice water. After shampooing, pour the rice water over your hair and gently massage it and leave it for 4-5 mins and rinse off with luke warm or cold water. But use the rinse only once or twice a week.
  • You can add rice water to any of the hair packs for extra benefits.


After 3-4 weeks, you can clearly see that your hairfall would be in control. Hair gets stronger and manageable.

Uses for skin: 

  • Keep the rice water in refrigerator for 2-3 hours and let it cool. You can use the cooled rice water as a toner or to rinse your face once a day ( I do it at night as a part of my regime) But it does make your skin dry so for those who have dry skin make sure you do not follow it every day!
  • Gram Flour+Rice water+Turmeric+ Few drops of lemon can be used as a body pack for beautiful skin.
  • Dab cotton in rice flour and gently rub it on your body and take a warm or a cold shower post 20-30 minutes. It reduces the tan.
  • Use it around your eye for reducing wrinkles.
  • Use it in any of the face packs.


  • Inositol present in rice water helps promote cell growth and slows down the aging process.
  • It minimizes the pores.
  • Makes the skin firmer and softens it.
  • Reduces  age spots and lightens skin tone.

Effects - 

So here were the very few ways I use rice water in my beauty regime. You can always experiment with different ingredients in your kitchen and team it up with rice water. Make sure you do not use the stored rice water for more than a week.
Dry skinned beauties make sure you use it in minimum as it tends to dry your skin more. It is a magical boon specially crafted for the oily-skinned ladies!
So go ahead and prepare your rice water and experiment! And if you have any new way that works, do not ever forget to let me know!

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