Best home remedy for dark circles..Must Try Guys!! ?

I have tried this for a month and noticed visible results!! 

All you need is Aloe vera gel, vitamin E capsules and Almond oil...

Let's get started!!! 


Though you can use fresh aloe gel from your aloe plant but that won't last for more than 3-4 days even after refrigerating. So better to use packaged aloe gel so that it would last for long.
1 tsp Aloe Gel + 2 vitamin E capsules (I used Evion capsules) + 1 tsp almond oil ( Any pure almond oil)
If you have a oily skin than use only ½ tsp almond oil.
Mix the cream well and refrigerate it for 24 hrs and then it is ready to use.
Use it at night and then take a sound sleep.
This cream has to be kept in refrigerator only so that you use it cool. 


take a small drop of the cream and gently massage(don't over massage)on the targeted area and let the cream to act on the dark circles overnight. Do the same with other eye as well. 

The cooling effect gives the best result and you will see the difference.
Must try remedy!! 
It worked for me wonders!!! 
PS :- Inner calmness is very important for health so stay away from stress and enjoy your life with happiness ?

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