The fantasies within the humans are ageless. Like wise, The date night with their partner is a huge fantasy for all the girls. The date night fantasies are no more a fantasy, if you've found your prince charming. Your date night will not be a fantasy and it will come true for sure.Like wise, I've planned my date night with my partner.

As we've grown and matured enough now, We are aiming for the times to cherish our happiness.We both decided to keep our work aside and spend the time together without phone and laptops.

  1.  We have planned for a candle light dinner with balloons and home-made food on our terrace under the moon light with some fun and romantic chats .
  2. After our dinner ,We would like to play our favourite movie and binge watch movie with a fight over the popcorn at home.
  3. Then, he always loves my head and foot massage. I'll give him a  relaxing massage for his foot and head with some melody songs at our backdrop for a soothing feel.
  4. Finally, I've planned a surprise for him.Which i hope he loves it.

No dramas, No Socializing.

Only me & him, Our fun & madness. flaws & imperfections.

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