I'm single...for you girls here are my some ideas -

Make him a video, slideshow or framed photo

Gather up some of your best photos and videos that you have together and use a program to create a video or slideshow of your best moments. If you don’t have enough content or it’s just not your style, consider surprising your boyfriend with a framed photo of the two of you..❤

Do his favourite activity with him

An easy and thoughtful way to show your affection is with a date where you do his favourite activity with him. Some ideas include video gaming, listening to his favourite podcast or music or playing his favorite sport, just to name a few. It’s simple but will mean a lot to him to know that you want to learn or participate in things that he loves to do..?

Drive-in movie date

The drive-ins are much more romantic than the movie theatres. Bring blankets, drinks and your favorite snacks and enjoy a movie under the stars without ever having to leave your car..?

Plan an outdoor adventure

Take your boyfriend on a romantic outdoor adventure like a hike to a viewpoint, camping, kayaking or backpacking. Turn your phones off and enjoy each other’s company and nature’s beauty..?

Make art together

If he likes creating art, set up all the supplies and have his drink of choice waiting for him when he gets home. If you are an artist and he has expressed interest in learning before, set up a one-on-one lesson for him. He will love creating something with you that he can display and see every day..?

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