Q: Brands to try for acne/oily skin care

I have decided to take skin care seriously. After giving up on unsuccessful acne treatment at dermatologist for years. I haven't used anything on my face but face wash (Kept trying different ones now I am using Patanjali's FW.)

Today, I saw offer on biotique products. I have used a body wash from this brand which is pretty good. So, I decided to order 5 items for now. I will order more of these items workout well on me. I really hope it does. I am going for one brand skin care routine now. I want to try out brands which are ayurvedic not harsh chemicals and which are affordable too. I would like to start from affordable range and then buy more expensive ones when affordable ones don't workout well.

I know it is important  to use products for certain amount of time to see results unless they have adverse effects on your skin. 

I am starting with biotique. Let me know which brands and their products I can try out for acne/oily skin care routine.

P.S. I also ordered Plum green tea face mask(from different site.) 

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