Bridal Hairstyle

The wedding season is upon us and every bride wants to look her best from her make up to her clothes to her hair. As I have done many bridal hairstyles, I thought why not share some of my most asked hairstyles. These days many brides go for a sleek bun that looks and feels classy yet effortless. These buns are hassle free and does not take any maintainence or care. 

So lets get started!

Step 1 

Make an ear to ear section and clip the away from the hair part. 

This is how it should look from the top 

Step 3

Back comb  the crown section and smoothen and pin it on the back of your head. 

Step 4

Make a low pony tail and then add a hair doughnut to volumize the bun. 

Step 5

Fan the hair over the doughnut and make it as smooth as possible and then secure the it with pins and a thin hair band. 

Step 6

Take small sections of hair and create rope braids and wrap them around the bun for a cleaner look. 

Step 7 

Once your done with the bun you can use a hair setting spray to secure the flyaways. 

Step 8 

Add an accessory to make it look pretty !!

Step 9 


And your done! Hope you guys liked the step by step tutorial and let me know what you thought about it !! 

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