Bye Bye Dry Skin....❤?? MCaffeine Naked & Rich Choco Face Mask Review.....✅✅

Hey guys, how are you all doing?Today I've shared MCaffeine Naked & Rich Choco Face Mask Review.....❤❤✅✅


About MCaffeine Naked & Rich Choco Face Mask

India’s First Caffeine Based Gel Mask, mCaffeine Naked and Rich Choco Face Mask not only revives but also nourishes dry skin! Specially designed to pamper dry and dull skin with a unique gel based formula that exfoliates, purifies and also hydrates your skin..❤


Ingredients in MCaffeine Naked & Rich Choco Face Mask?

Cocoa Butter – Gently Exfoliates I Lightens Scars I Nourishes☑☑

Caffeine – Reduces Puffiness I Fights Free Radicals I Even Tones☑☑

Aloe Vera – Hydrates I Nourishes I Treats Sunburn☑☑

Sea Weed – Moisturizes I Brightens Skin I Reduces Blemishes..☑☑


How I Use it-

So I wash my face with my face wash. Then I use the spatula to scoop out the product and apply it evenly on my skin. Because of the lovely smooth texture, it is very easy to apply and spread on the skin. By the way, it keeps smelling heavenly all the while when its on the face.


Then after about 15-20 minutes, I wash it off with normal temperature water. It does not dry out completely in that time though..✔✔




This is not at all drying on the skin. In fact, I feel it actually moisturises my skin and gets rid of any dry patches. So this mask would be great for dry skin beauties(like mee)..


Another thing you’ll notice is the brightening effect. Its really quite nice how this mask lifts up the skin tone and makes it look so much fresh, even and bright. It does remove the puffiness and tiredness from the skin. It is also helpful in taking away the dullness from the skin..?


However, the sad part is, these effects are not very long lasting. The good effects of this mask stay for about a day and then the skin is back to normal..?



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