Bye-Bye Smelly Underarms*** Jovan Black Musk***

Fragrance is most underrated aspect in terms of "looking good" . Imagine you are dressed up in your favorite attire, pretty hairstyle, captivating makeup and suddenly you bump into your crush. You are sweaty and kind of Smelly. Will your crush be impressed? ?

The answer is no! If you want to woo someone , fragrance is very important as smell is one of the senses. 

I know underarms is  the area where we sweat alot and Jovan black musk deodrant spray will be your saviour. 

This deodrant is indulgent, sexy and warm. Also it has unique floral notes. It stays up to 4 hours if you are a person who sweats alot. I know lasting power should be more but in this price range you won't find any other deodrant in musky category. ?

I am using this deodorant since my teenager days . At that time I noticed there were many fake  jovan deodorants available in the market (made in China). Always buy fragrances from trusted and reputed stores or shopping apps like Nykaa. 

I want to share one intresting fact about this deodorant, it is one of the first fragrance to sponsor a rock band like Rolling Stones 1981 "Tatto You" .

MRP- 200 INR


Please avoid spraying into eyes and keep out of reach of children. 

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P.S-  People are Makeup junkie, and I am a fragrance junkie ?

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