Q: Cute christmas nailart for short nails and for kid's nails too?

Hey girls,
Today I'm sharing a cute nailart for short nails for Christmas. So we need a toothpick for this and that's all. Now, I'll explain you step by step how to do this.

1. Apply generous coat of base coat.
2. Apply thin coat of you red nail paint . Here I used maybelline's red downtown nailpaint. In my opinion choose a deep red just to enhance white nailpaint on it.
3. Then take toothpick and slowly just make dots on it by white nailpaint. Make small and precisely so that it will look cute. ( By end of the toothpick which is circle in shape).
4. Now, on the ring finger make two circle on large near the tip of the nail and above that small circle.
5. Let it dry and by toothpick itself make eyes and bottons of that snow man by black nailpaint. ( By tip of the toothpick which is pointed).
6. And then secure it with top coat.

So, as you can see this so simple, you can also make this on your  kid's hands for their Christmas party. I have did this nailart on my sister's hand?

NOTE : I have used acrylic white paint just to give texture, you can also use it.


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