Everything about Lipsticks!

Lipstick is one of the few products that can finish a look, or be a look all on its own.

Different Types of Formulas:-

Traditional lipstick is made with waxes, oils, and pigments and in the form of a stick that is housed in a tube that twists up to apply and back down to travel safely. Stick lipsticks have the widest range of finishes, from high gloss to matte, and typically have the largest variety of shades. 

Liquid Lipsticks are the newest and fastest growing formula. Though the each formula differs, liquids are typically known for full opacity and all day wear. Their packaging is similar to that of a lip gloss, as they are in a tube and applied with a wand with a doe foot applicator on the tip. 

Lip Stains are heavily pigmented but sheer, so your lips will be tinted, but still show through the product. They are very thin so they feel light on the lips, and the color clings for hours until it wears off. Stains are great for casual wear that you don’t have to constantly check up on or reapply. Also, many lip stains double as cheek tints.

Lip crèmes are super moisturizing because they are primarily made of wax and have a higher oil content that their peers. Perfect for everyday wear, cream formulations blur the line between mattes and glosses.

Lip Crayon are chubby sticks are experts are multitasking. Line your lips, fill them in, or layer it with a gloss – this beauty excels at every aspect of lipstick makeup. They are also exceptionally good for women who’re constantly on-the-go since it promises easy application.

Lip glosses are the fancier and shinier. Great for dry thin lips, a lip gloss gives you a semi-sheer, fuller-looking pout. Higher on the moisture and luminosity quotient, this is our blind pick for a full-on glam night.

Lip liners were meant to define your pout and prevent bold colors from bleeding, these slimsticks have come a long way indeed. But the new-age makeup lovers use these sleek pencils to line their lips and then fill them in. Two-in-one!

Different types of finishes:-

Matte lipsticks reflect less light, as they aren't glossy. They give the lip a luxurious, velvety finish, which helps the color appear more rich and vibrant. Matte lipsticks typically last longer since they are less emollient, making them harder to rub off. The downside is that some matte formulas can be a bit drying, or at least feel drying during wear.

Satin lipsticks can also be referred to as demi-matte, or the middle ground between a matte and glossy finish. They have a soft shine that helps lips appear softer and a bit more plump. Satins tend to be the best of both worlds as they are comfortable on the lip, they usually have a bit more moisture to them, and feel better for longer.

Glossy lipsticks pack a high-shine finish that can be just as glamorous as a matte lip. They are usually the most comfortable and moisturizing on the lip, though because of that high moisture content, can be the easiest to rub off.

Sheer lipsticks give your lips a wash of color, while still letting your actual lips show through. These differ from a lip stain because sheer lipsticks still provide a moisturizing barrier and feel plush and comfortable on the lips, whereas stains simply stain the lip.

How to apply:-
Firstly, exfoliation is as important for your lips as it is for your face. Use a gentle lip scrub, to get rid of the dead cells and soften your pout. Then bring a little bit of your foundation or concealer down over your lip line to block it out. Then, use a lip liner of the same or a similar color underneath with help the color last longer and stop it from migrating over your lip line. Liners are more dense and dry than lipsticks, so they cling to the lip longer and are more immovable.
There are a few ways to apply lip liner. You can trace around the perimeter of your lips, which works to define the shape and prevent your lipstick from feathering or bleeding. You can also use the liner to fill in your lips entirely before applying the lipstick. This may seem like you’re doubling down on lip color, but it will help keep your lip color in place all night and prevent it from getting wearing unevenly, becoming patchy, or rubbing away completely. It also helps to intensify the your lip color.
Lastly, apply your lipstick on top. You may or may not use a lip gloss or topper. 

Hacks and Tips

#1: Exfoliate dry lips for a smoother lipstick application with a clean, disposable mascara wand. Just apply a balm over your mouth first to give your lips some slip, so it's easier to slough away any flaky skin.

#2: Keep lipstick off your teeth by sticking your clean pointer finger in your mouth, wrapping your lips around it, and pulling it out. Any lipstick that would have gotten on your teeth will be left on your finger.

#3: Use your favorite pink lipstick of choice as a cheek color. Just be sure to blend it in with your finger like you would any cream blush.

#4: Repurpose broken eye shadow as a lip color. If your favorite shadow crumbles and it's a color you'd also wear on your lips, store the broken pieces in a tiny container and mix what's left with some balm on a spoon, and then apply.

#5: Turn any lipstick into a long-wearing version with translucent powder. First, swipe on your lip color, hold a tissue over your mouth, and then dust translucent powder over it. A small amount of the powder with transfer onto the tissue this way, locking in your color.

#6: If your lips have a lot of pink or red tones in them, pat concealer over them before you apply any lipstick to nude them out.

#7: You can also reshape your lips by first covering them with concealer, and then tracing just slightly outside your natural lip line with a lip liner pencil, making them appear larger. Continue to fill in your lips with the pencil for a matte look or finish with a gloss.

#8: Blot between applications to make your lip color last longer. Doing so removes excess oil on your lips from the first application, so that the second one grips it better and doesn't travel off of your lips as quickly.

#9: Perfect your Cupid's bow by drawing an "X"  on the center of your upper lip. Then, fully line and fill in the rest of your lips to give your matching lipstick something to grip on to. That way, when it starts to wear off, it will do so evenly, and you won't have that tell-tale ring of lip liner around your mouth.

#10: Make your lipstick pop by lining the outside of your lips with cover-up and a concealer brush. You'll be amazed at how sharp your lips will look afterward.

#11: Reattach a broken lipstick by melting the end with a lighter and affixing it back to the base in the packaging. Then, melt the two pieces where they meet to fuse them back together (just don't hold the flame on it too long or you'll melt your entire lipstick.)

#12: Make your lips appear larger by applying one shade of lipstick over your entire mouth, and then a shade in the same color family that's a lot lighter (you can even use concealer if you really want a major effect) in the center.

#13: Use hairspray to remove a lipstick stain. Spray the fabric (make sure it's not dry-clean only) with hairspray, and let it sit for a few minutes. Dab the stain, and then toss it in the washer.

#14: Hold onto your old contact lens case. It'll come in handy if your favorite lipstick gets crushed or melted. Just scoop out what's left and store it in this portable case. Not a contacts wearer? Pick up a small pillbox at the drugstore.

#15: Always use a sharp pencil when applying lip liner, but warm it between your index finger and thumb for a few seconds first. Softening the pencil just a tad ensures a smooth application—no tugging or jumping.

#16: Found a color you love but wish it were matte? You can fix that with a powder blush. Find a (shimmer-free) product that’s close to your lipstick color, press it into your lips with your finger, and voilà—matte lip color.

#17: Any lip product can take on the appearance of a stain—if you use a fluffy brush to apply it. This type of brush will diffuse the lipstick for a stained feel. Seal the deal with a dab of lip balm to blend and soften the color even more.

#18: Apply a thin layer of balm on your lips before applying lipstick to keep lips hydrated. 
This will help keep your lips hydrated since matte lipstick can be super drying. Applying balm before the lipstick instead of after will help keep your lips looking totally matte.

#19: Long-lasting lipsticks are great, but they can be a pain to remove at the end of the day. Try putting a little olive or vegetable oil on a cotton ball to wipe the color away. It’s cheap, easy, and all natural!

#20: Running low on lip gloss? Place the closed tube of gloss in a glass of warm water for 10–15 minutes. The heat will loosen those last little bits, so you can use every drop.

#21: Keep your lipstick from smudging or setting with this simple trick: Just rub an ice cube over your lips after applying lipstick! It will last longer than ever before.

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