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1. Hi guys! Today I am reviewing the Garnier Skin Naturals Balck Serum Mask Pure Charcoal! 

It is enriched with charcoal, known for its ability to remove impurities. It is also enriched with pore tightening black algae extracts. The serum mask will intensely hydrate and purify your skin while also tightening its pores. This mask fits or clings better than any others I have tried. It has a huge amount of serum. 


How to use it:-

Cleasnse your face properlyUnfold the mask. Apply it to your face and adjust it to the contours of your face. Leave it on for 15 minsAfter that remove the mask and massage the excess into your skin or remove it with a cotton pad (I generally massage it in) Also, it was not itchy nor painful at all. When I removed it and massaged the serum on my face, my skin felt cleaner and smoother.

I have oily acne prone skin type. After using this my skin felt soft, hydrated and refreshed immediately after using the mask. It made my skin feel less oily, without feeling sticky. It made my skin appeare healthy and glowing. My pores looked noticeably smaller. It is really pocket-friendly. This is a perfect sheet mask.

2. Hi guys! Today I am reviewing the Garnier Hydro Boost Mask! 


The mask contains anti-antioxidant from pomegranates and hyaluronic acid. My skin felt so soft, hydrated and makeup looked healthy and glowing. There are no major changes in the skin, just that my skin looked and felt hydrated and nice.

3. Hi guys! Today I am reviewing the Garnier green tea mask! 


This has sturdy packaging and a blue protective layer.This is super affordable. At first when I put on the mask it tingled a little, after a while it feels nice and cool on the skin. It does reduced pore size and skin looked a little clearer/brighter. But the face feels sticky after using.The results are not great.

4. Hi guys! Today I am reviewing the Garnier light complete mask. 


Contains goodness of lemon and vitamin c that help with skin brightening. The brand claims that this sheet mask makes your skin visibly brighter and gives a smoother complexion after 15 minutes and that it evens out your skin tone and lightens dark spots after 1 week. The mask feels really hydrating and refreshing on the skin; use it chilled for extra benefits!

5. Hi guys! Today I am reviewing the Kaya Naturals 5 herbs oil control mask. 

This mask is perfect for oily acne prone skin type. Just keep the mask on for 10-15 mins and you can instantly see a glow and refreshed skin. Love this mask!

I normally dont multi mask as I am afraid of applying different serums and masks to my oily acne prone skin type, at one time. ? 

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Guys share your favorite masks too! ! @Mawra iffath @Rimjhim Chaudhary @Aiyushi Malhotra @Rushil Vlogs Beauty@sonam dubey@Sanghamitra Dash @Ayushi Rajput @priya soni@Paramjeet kaur@Darshana Deshmukh @TABASSUM ARA @Sudeshna Panja@Preeti Chhabria@Trisha roy

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