Q: Fake Vs Real (HUDA Palette)

Hi Everyone!

I had ordered two Huda palettes from different websites. I was hoping that I ordered an original for a lot less money. But Alas! It was a fake one!

Here's how you can identify an original HUDA palette against a fake HUDA palette. 

1. If you run your hand against the top covers. You will realise the fake one is just a printed cover and has no shine as against the original one which feels embossed and has a more reflective background. 

Also if you see the sparkle on the diamond. The sparkle is completely different in shapes. The amethyst obsession HUDA palette has rounder sparkles while the Topaz obsession HUDA palette has more flowery shaped sparkle.

2. There is a clear difference in the edges of palette. The fake one has a black edge while the original one matches the colour scheme of the palette. 

3. As you turn the palette, you will see there are numerous differences.

The most important difference between the fake and the original one is. You will see a batch number printed for the original (Topaz) Huda palette, while this information is missing for the amethyst one. 

The placement of the barcode is completely off in the fake one (Amethyst) as compared to the original one (Topaz).

Also required information given on the original one is printed on to a sticker which is darker than the colour of the cover. However, in the fake one, you see no sticker and the info has been simply printed on the cover. 

You can also see that the information in the amethyst (Fake) palette starts quite below on the back of the palette, while in the topaz one the placement of the information is completely different. 

4. After opening the palette. Do you see the difference in the mirror size!? The original palette has a much bigger mirror as compared to the fake one which has a smaller mirror comparatively.

5. If you look closely, the width of the palette differs. The topaz HUDA palette is much thicker as compared to the Amethyst HUDA palette. 

Hope this helped you guys! Remember no fake can have the essence as of the original! 

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