Fit raho, hit nahi superhit raho.

Hy every one, so here are my fitness regime and what i do for my fitness. Also you can get so many tips from it.

My favourite user for today's challenge is @COCO

Thanks @Nykaa Army and @Nykaa Beauty fOr giving this platform. 

Fitness is not must only for to be in shape but also for healthy skin and body. If you are fit then your body also in a shape and ur skin also healthy. Five years ago i knew that m suffering from pcos. And today after 5 years i am 110 % fit.so following are exercise and eating stetargeic for me.although i am not stick it completely, what i stick to about my eating habit is eat regular Indian food. We as a indian, we have ayurveda and yogasana, two incredible area, if we simply following these 10 %, then you get good fitness. 

I am big fan of yasmin karachiwala. She is so awesome. She post so many insta video, from which you can easily adopt simple but effective excellent exercise. 
Regularly, i do exercise for minimum 10 minites, into which i must do 2 sets of surya namsakar, bhujangasan, halasan.

Into addition i do squat twice a week. Below two are link which i follow.





eating regime

7:00 am waking up, drink 1glass of water (copper jug water) by mixing turmeric. 
8:00 am1tbsp cow ghee
8:30 am 2 almond,1 anjeer,1 walnut (walnut is optional) 
9:00 am masala chai,1 roti, or 1/4 rotla or thepla 
12:00 am  lunch 1 roti, 1 bowl khichdi/rice, dal/kadhi ,1bowl homemade curd,salads(tomato or onion or mulior spinich/season wise waterver available) 
4:00 am rice papdi/mamra/fruit or 1 piece of chikki  with green tea. 
7:00 am dinner roti and sabzi
10:00 am sleep 

In between breakfast, lunch and dinner if i have craving i eat walnut, strawberries, oranges, singoda,dry amla,chikki.
I eat amul paneer (grilled) once a week. As a gujrati, we have varieties of food. I eat twice a week different food also.a one sweet i just love and really healthy also? i.e methi k ladoo.
I told by many people stay away from sugar and maida. Yes ,i belive in not to eat maida but for sugar i think crystal sugar and refined sugar isn't good for your body. But,when it comes to cane sugar)/jagary,its a essential into diet. Also cow ghee with roti or khichdi /rice is essential. It provides nourishment to whole body.
In addition to these, if i eat junk food or unhealthy food then i surely eat kayam churna tablets. It just cleanse my body.

I take iron and vitamin b plus folic acid supplements now a days which are prescribed my doctor. 

One thing is must for every thing in a universe.everything is a good in a limited. But if you cross that limit. You get diverse effect of it. Whether its healthy food or unhealthy food or exercise. 

As rujuta diwekar says,eat local and stay healthy.
Also i am trying to stay away from gadgets. Laughing is also required to be fit. Because mentally also you have to be healthy. I watch mr.bean and kapil sharma show for this.sometimes tom and jerry also. 





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