Q: *Fitness Tuesday* *Supplement* - Organic India Triphala

I take daily one capsule of Organic India triphala capsule at night. I am totally amazed by its results.

Triphala Benefits:

  • It helps in cleansing colon and in turn reduce fat deposits in intestine.
  • It eliminate toxins and gas
  • It reduces bloating and you can wear your favorite dress.
  • Richest source of Vitamin C
  • Non habit forming 
  • It helps in nutritional assimilation and helps to deal with immuno intolerances of food like lactose(dairy) , gluten, nuts etc

I am sharing my personal experiences here . I use to have gluten sensitivity and wheat & wheat products were completely banned for me . After taking this capsule I can eat wheat thrice a week which is quite good in comparison with complete elimination.  It has helped to loose some inches from my stomach. If you suffer from bloating then this is the best product . Final verdict,  a great product for your overall fitness.


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