Full Face Makeup using FACES CANADA” Intense Matte Lips + Primer?

Hi Girls , this is something special and unique this time and actually difficult for me to share these pictures on this platform bcoz I am actually looking very funny? but for all you guys I am up with a special post and to make this swatch party more happening ♥️♥️ 

This time I am creating my full make up look with one lipstick ?

The Lipstick is from “FACES CANADA” Intense Matte Lips Primer ,shade -Red Bouquet? 

This Lipstick was given by Nykaa for the swatch party and this is such a beautiful shade and so creamy and pigmented I can not even explain . Doing a full face make up look from this was so easy and was not at all greasy on face. 

Step 1-To start up with , I applied primer - I used Nykaa Prep me up primer !! 

Step 2- I applied this lipstick as my colour correcting concealer on my dark areas all over my face. Red lipstick won't conceal your under-eye circles. Instead, this trick neutralises the blue-green hues of most under-eye circles to make covering them easier, you will still need a foundation or CC cream.

Step 3- Blend them nicely with your beauty blender or a brush , i know I am looking like a joker?? but never mind♥️

Step 4- Apply foundation or CC cream which will also help in settling this red colour , I used Lakme 9-5 CC cream. 

Step 5- Apply the red lipstick for the eyeshadow, I applied it roughly bcoz the main part totally depends on the blending technique.

Step 6- Blend the eyeshadow properly with proper brushes.

Step 7- Apply the Lipstick as a blusher ?

Step 8- And Finally as a lipstick 

Now this is my final look which I personally loved it so much and I actually carried this look for 5-6 hours and was not at all greasy , loved the look I received from just one lipstick

Thank you Nykaa for sending this beautiful shade♥️ Hope you all liked it and ignore if u didn’t like the pictures?

I will be reviewing this lipstick tomorrow with the swatch .

Stay Tuned !!



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