Gifting ideas ??? part -1

Everybody loves gifts. There are times when we run out of ideas. So, I want to share some ideas that I used while gifting my loved ones. I hope you get some inspiration from these ideas. You might have heard about these or might have not ?.
1) Number of gifts = Their age ?
This is a very popular birthday gift idea. Here you gift the person gifts as per their age. Like for example if the person is 16 , you get them 16 items.  It need not something huge . You can gift 16 things which will be useful for the person like diary, stationery, jewelry, makeup, sheet mask, skin care products, room decor, chocolates, food, dress, storage box, fairy lights etc. You can also keep some funny things like shower cap, tooth brush, feeding bottle, soaps, bulb etc


2) Gifts according to the letters in their name
In this you gift the gifts as per the letters in their name. You will have to buy gifts starting with letters of their name. Example,
D- dress, diy stuff, dove soap,donut
I- ice cream , brands from I, ivy guard
Y- yogurt, Yardley, yoyo
A- art supplies, anklets, ayush products
You have to gift one item for each letter.

3) color themed gift basket
You can create a gift basket filled with items of their favourite colour . If you don't find a basket, you can use box wrapped with their favourite colour.


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