Hello nykaa family.... I am up with the colorbar cosmetics. This republic week besides checking indian history I am digging in the indian cosmetics history as I am check the products MADE IN INDIA... yes I am here with colorbar the popular brand we all know.



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Let's have a look on the wide history of colorbar its evolution and the services it offers. 

Colorbar is one of the leading beauty brands in India and now across the world. 
The philosophy of the brand is to be gender neutral and celebrate diversity of all those who come in contact with them. They believe that everyone has the birth right to express themselves in their own unique way. Their cruelty free product range caters to deliver this. They are always in constant search for the best and most innovative products in the world to give the best service and experience to the consumer. They believe that change is the only constant. It is this way of thinking that has made them the 3rd largest brand in India in a very short span of time. They have the largest colour portfolio to offer the right shade, the right experience and the right products to their consumers. They constantly challenge themselves and the norms that govern the beauty industry. They are also holders of two Guinness World Records.
The products are made in France, Germany, Italy, Korea & the United States of America. So you get the most brilliant colors, luxurious textures and effective results. Created with love and conform to US, EU, UK & Japan FDA standards and qualifications and are cruelty Free

I have been using some products of colorbar and they are pretty good, especially the primer.


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