Q: Hey guys!!!*The Lipstick Swatch Party Is On*


The first lipstick Nykaa So matte mini -30M Regal Ruby. This lipstick is a darker shade of red but not too dark. This is very smooth when you apply it. This lipstick looks very cute as it is in the mini version. The outer covering is matte black. I just love it. 
The second lipstick is another lipstick from Nykaa so matte mini range in the shade 29M. It's of lighter shade than the Regal ruby. The is a very pretty colour. I love it more than the first one. It's colour is eye catching. Very beautiful. 
This is very very very pink. It's not soft pink rather. But looks very cute on the lips. I wear it when my dress matches with this shade, otherwise I don't. I love it when it matches with my dress colour. 
This is of purple colour. I am totally in love with this colour. It's almost finished. 
This is very light and sweet colour. I like it but I don't love it because its very light. I don't like light colours that much but if you like light shades of lipsticks you can definitely go for it because the colour is just wow. 
Please comment which one was your favourite. ?
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