Q: Hi guyz ,I would love to share the product review for the Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening & Depigmentation Face Pack .

 It's one of the best ayurvedic and chemical free ,budget friendly brands in skincare. Most of the skin care products these days are loaded with chemicals and parabens and though might give cosmetic immediate results but are harmful in long run. Whereas, the Ayurvedic products are quite safe to be used for a long period and do not harm the skin at all. Biotique products mostly have quite rare fruits and plant ingredients which have been since ages known to have beautifying properties.

The face pack comes in a small plastic container with an additional lid inside to avoid spillage.It claims to lighten and whiten the complexion and reduce pigmentation. It's quite creamy and thin in texture ,and spreads easily on the face. It has a pink color - bubble gum pink and has strong fruity fragrance. Since the texture is thin to medium, it does not take long to dry and dries within 15-20 minutes.Immediately upon washing, skin feels soft and supple with slight improvement in texture. So if you are someone looking for a skin care that would  improve skin texture and complexion here’s the solution.


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