Highlighters and secrets about them!

Don't we all like a dash of shimmer on our skin? Well, here are a few tips and tricks that would help you this wedding season.

1. We all are different undertones and require just the right highlight tone to compliment our skin. Well, save those bucks as you can create that sheen with the right eyeshadow. Choose the shimmery eyeshadow that is closest to your undertone and apply it on your highlight points. 

2. Forgot your special body oil? Well, take that liquid highlighter bottle or just powder highlighter and apply it to the high points on your body. Get ready to rock that flawless look.

3. Skip the lip augmentation! Just add a hint of shimmer on your upper lip cupid to get a more pouty and lifted lip!

4. Put a clear gloss in the center of your lip for a fuller pout! Here's a little secret try reversing it! with shimmer and you are good to go!

5. Forgot your eyeshadow palette? Well, use a highlighter on your lids for the new holographic look!

I hope you guys find this helpful!


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