How much do you spent monthly on Makeup/Skin-care products?

I'd like to know how much you all spent on makeup and Skin care products (Including everything like from shampoo to face wash) monthly? 

(Means how much do you spent monthly on buying and not the total cost of new or old products that you are using.)

I have been into makeup since last month and I was calculating how much I spent on it, so I was curious to know about the rest.

In June (₹1240 on skin care and ₹575 on makeup)

In July (₹1163 on makeup)

Also, I did like to know if you invest on it from your pocket money or your own money? (I don't mean anything just trying to figure out budget of college going girls/not working vs Working women.)

For me, I got it from my pocket money.

Please try to answer as many questions as you can.

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