Q: I am 22 and had a white and tight skin which is now getting dark and wrinkled with puffy wrinkled eyes pleaseeee suggest me a routine

Hiee i am 22 years old , and i am having a combination skin which is oliy besides nose when i wake up but turns extremely dry even if i wash my face with only water. I had a pure white and tight skin since childhood which is now since last 6 mnths getting darker, also i hvee wrinkles, dullness,dark circles, puffy wrinkled eyes.pleaseee help me get my tight and bright skin back .i am a working woman so i spend my day in office therefore i do not hvee much sun exposure i am really worried and concerned , i am not able to drink enough water that might be the reason also i am porne to take hot long showers which i came to know are harmful to skin and pollution can be the reason too please help me with your expert advice with a routine.thankyou

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