I got this Eyeshadow Pallete from Know the Makeup Contest. So here i am giving my review on it please read this and comment on this post how do you feel after reading this.

So I got this eyeshadow palette and pop holder when I opened this eyeshadow palette and thoroughly checked that there was no where mentioned its manufacturing date as well as its expiry date so so as we know that our eyes are the most delicate part of our body so how could I use it. I mean I have seen you beauties out their home I am mentioning below that you are mostly active on nykaa army network and you are also getting contest gifts as like me that I got like this and I have seen that many of you have complaint like this like someone got a free bi which is is off expired date or some other reason also so so this was my first ever gift that I got from nykaa army Network and I was so excited to use it I was not having any eyeshadow palette before this I mean I am in new to this field but 800 used to see YouTube videos a lot on makeup mainly because I love makeup and so from that I came to know that everything have a proper expiry date and we should not use that product on our skin mainly on our face which is expired and I even don't know that when it was expired.

This blue colour is already used as you can also see it so Surely this palette was used by someone else before it reached me

See all the colours are having proper glittery look and are not even used by me but the brushes all the four of them are dirty. I can share these pics again in proper light tomorrow also if someone is still not satisfied from me.

So i do not want to use this pallete as it is of no use to me. Please @Nykaa Army if you could change it then please go ahead. And yes my review is very late because i was in my grandmother house and could not able to upload this picture.

Please the beauties out there tell me and comment.

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