Innisfree Blueberry Rebalancing Sun Cream SPF 45 PA+++

Now we all know the importance of sunscreen in our skincare routine and finding the right sunscreen for our skin type without any sort of harmful chemicals is a bit difficult with all those confusing phsical/mineral sunscreen and chemical sunscreen in the market. I prefer using a physical sunscreen over chemical sunscreen b'coz chemical sunscreens are not good for the marine life & also pose a risk to your skin by disrupting the hormone level therefore physical sunscreens are a better option.

This Innisfree blueberry sun cream is a physical sunscreen with titanium dioxide as the UV filter. The texture is like a watery emulsion and it spreads really easily without leaving any white cast. It is free from alcohol, paraben and sulfate nd the ingredients in it are safe to use. However, this sunscreen will not give you a powdery matte finish, it's quite hydrating and moisturizing. My skin is super sensitive and this sunscreen does not irritate my skin at all. However, I wish the quantity was a bit more but I'm fine with it considering how amazing this sunscreen is. Definitely a must buy for people with sensitive skin.

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