Q: It's time to say BYE to the salon manicure and pedicure treatments.Why????

 I have found a solution with VLCC Pedicure-Manicure Hand & Foot Kit- One of the best kit I have tried for my hands and feet, which comes with 5 steps anti tan solution.The kit includes a cleanser, scrub, cuticle oil, cocoa cream and a mask. It cleanses, exfoliates dull layers of dead skin on hands & feet and smoothens the skin. 

The packaging of the kit itself is quite simple and all four tubes look the same, so make sure you read the name right or mark them separately for yourself, lest you mistakenly use one for the other and use it in correct sequence. Also, while the outer box details how to use the kit, individual instructions for each tube are provided on the back of the tube too, along with the ingredients. The reason why I prefer doing manicure and pedicure at home is , it saves you the hassle of salon appointments, reduces risk of infections from unhygienic equipment, provides a quick fix for the hands and feet at any given time and provides constant care and nourishment to the hands and feet. The directions for use being fairly simple to follow, the process didn’t really require too much thought on my side.And after using the kit for 2 months my feet and hands are soft and seem polished, pretty much like what you see after a salon treatment.

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