Just Herbs Sapta Jal Review.....❤

​​​​Hellllooo girls..today I've shared Sapta Jal Review.....❤The name itself sounds interesting! 'Sapta Jal’ means containing seven waters. This product is based on natural blends of vegetable oils and various types of plant waters..??



Soak the cotton pad or ball in micellar water and with a gentle outward swipe remove all your makeup from the skin. To remove eye makeup, soak the cotton ball in micellar water and let it sit onto your eye for few seconds to loosen up all your mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow then gently wipe outwards to clean up everything.... ?


I found this micellar water as a lifesaver to get rid of stubborn waterproof makeup. Frankly, the way I love makeup and desire for it to stay on my face makes me invest in lots of waterproof stuff similarly I want to remove my makeup the moment I am back home..I feel happy with the radiant skin after using this Sapta Jal micellar water by Just Herbs and recommend it too...?



  1. Removes makeup effectively
  2. Single swipe use
  3. 99.2% natural
  4. No alcohol
  5. Tones                                                           
  6. Hydrates
  7. Nice fragrance
  8. Radiant skin post use.....?



  1. None.....?



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